Opening the doors of your heart and home to a new feline friend is a very important decision. Love and affection are the top requirements for a happy feline and your cat should feel comfortable from the first day home. This is why you should be prepared and learn about the basic supplies your cat needs, such as cat collars, litter tray, cat scratching posts and lots and lots of cat toys to keep your new friend healthy and active. Below is a list of the most important accessories for every cat lover: 

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Accessories For Your Cat

Cat Carrier

The first thing you will need, so the kitty can travel safely to the new home, is a cat carrier (cat cage). The cat carrier should be safe, durable and big enough for your cat to turn around in. It should have plenty of ventilation and an easy access way for you. When bringing the kitty home, don’t put the cat carrier away, leave it in an accessible place so your cat won’t associate it with vet visits and get nervous when they see it.

Cat Bowls and Feeders

Cat food and water bowls should be filled and topped up regularly. Keep in mind that the size should be slightly larger than the cat’s whiskers, as they don’t usually like their whiskers to touch the edges. You can also consider getting a cat water fountain, as in their natural habitat cats usually like to drink from running water as well as an automatic cat feeder which can be programmed to feed your cat when you are not around

Cat Litter Tray

When choosing a cat litter tray (also known as a cat litter box), make sure you pick one that is large enough for your cat to move around in. Make sure you place it in a room that is big enough and easy to clean, such as the bathroom or hallway and never keep it next to the cat food and water bowls. When choosing cat litter, clumping litter as Catsan might be the best option, as it is easier to clean up. Simply use a litter scoop to scoop the clumps your cat leaves behind and add fresh litter to keep it clean.

Cat Beds & Bedding

While most cats will fall asleep anywhere around the house, they like to have their own place to rest after hunting toys and scratching their claws all day. You should ensure the cat bed is soft and warm and place it in the area your cat feels most safe in. Make sure you choose one that is big enough for the cat to stretch, but cosy enough for them to feel secure such as a cat radiator bed or heated cat bed.

Cat Collars

For safety, your cat should always be wearing a collar with an ID tag. Make sure to write or engrave your contact information on the tag, in case the kitty gets lost. When choosing the collar, make sure it’s big enough for two fingers to fit between it and the cat’s neck, as to not affect breathing or swallowing. Petwell offers a range of cat collars, kitten collars and cat harnesses.  

Cat Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch and purchasing a cat scratching post will satisfy their need and save your furniture. The scratching post should be tall enough for your cat to stand on her hind legs when scratching and should have a sturdy base to prevent it from flipping over. Try also using Feliscratch to further encourage your cat to use their cat scratching post rather than your furniture.

Cat Grooming

Your feline friend will need grooming from time to time, using accessories such a cat brush and a cat flea comb to keep her fur healthy. Another great tool to use is a cat deshedding tool, such as  Furminator for cats, to reduce the amount of fur that moults around your home.

Cat Toys

When choosing cat toys, it really depends on what your cat likes. Their favourite toys are usually balls, catnip toys, plush toys and some toys that you can enjoy together, such as teaser wand-types. Popular brands. Kong is a very popular and recommended pet toy brand.  

Cat flap

If you live in a house and want your cat to have unlimited indoor and outdoor access, try adding a cat flap to your door. To make sure no other animal can enter your house, make sure you choose a microchip cat flap that has been paired to your cat’s microchip.

Cat Cleaning and Hygiene

Keep your home clean from any incidents your cat may have with a cat urine cleaner and your furniture fur free with a cat hair remover. Petwell also stocks cat wipes for those times when your cat finds themselves in an unwanted mucky situation. 

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