Worlds Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula 3.63Kg (8Lb)

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  • Naturally Scented
  • Lightweight litter
  • No harmful chemicals and no artificial perfumes

Worlds Best Cat Litter Original Clumping Formula has outstanding odour control and tight clumping ability, World’s Best Cat Litter Original Unscented formula harnesses the power of  naturally absorbent corn to deliver 2X longer lasting performance than the leading US litter brand. This naturally safe solution allows cat lovers like you to smell less, clean less and buy less. This formula is ideal for homes with 1 or 2 cats.

World's Best is a revolutionary alternative, all natural, organic break-through in scoopable cat litter. Made from whole kernel corn, it's 99% dust-free and contains no clays, silica dust, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents. It's odour control is second to none and it's also totally flushable!