Finding the perfect accessories for your dog can be quite challenging, especially when there are so many options to choose from and like any other pup parent, you will want to spoil them. From the moment you bring your canine friend home, you will have to make sure they have every need covered to create the perfect homecoming experience. Collars, leads, toys and training accessories, you will find the best dog accessories to suit your dog’s needs
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Dog Collars, Leads & Harness

Form the first day you bring your dog home, you’ll need to ensure you have a dog collar and a dog leash to begin walking your dog which is recommended to do daily. There are many options you can choose from including puppy collars, leather collars and headcollars. Don’t forget to also pick out a dog tag to attached to your collar with your contact information in case your dog gets lost. For comfort, make sure the dog collar is loose enough to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Dog harnesses are also a popular choice –, especially for smaller dogs. Don’t forget to also take dog poop bags on your walks!

Dog Crates

Dog crates (also known as a dog cage or puppy crate) are mainly used for new puppies at night time or when they are unsupervised until they are toilet trained and trusted not to damage furniture. When choosing a dog crate, make sure your dog has enough room to stand, lie down and turn around. You can add newspaper and bedding to make it more comfortable for your pup. You’ll also need to ensure that a water bowl is also placed with the crate and topped up regularly.

Dog Beds & Bedding

From the first night in, your pup is also going to need a dog bed, they can rest in. It is extremely important for future training that your puppy knows from the first night that they have a designated sleeping place. Dog beds come in various sizes from puppy beds to large dog beds and materials, so make sure you pick a dog bed that is big enough for them to stretch and roll around and made out of fleece or soft material for comfort.

Dog Bowl Bowls & Feeders

When choosing dog food and water bowls, make sure you pick a size that is comfortable enough for your dog. Make sure you clean the dog bowls constantly to avoid bacteria and other residues. Stainless steel dog bowls are also recommended as they are easy to clean and durable, which is why many elevated dog feeders come with this type of bowls also. You may also want to use an automatic dog feeder to ensure your pup gets their meal at set times even if you can’t be there.

Dog Grooming

You will need to accustom your dog to a grooming routine which not only keeps their coat and paws looking their best, but is also essential to help prevent external parasites and other health issues. While there are many dog grooming accessories you can choose from, you can start with a dog brush, dog comb & dog shampoo. A de-shedding tool such as Furminator for dogs is the most popular choice to help remove excess dog hair which would ultimately end up over your furniture, carpets, clothing and car.

Dog Toys

Choosing dog toys can be one of the most fun activities. Make sure you pick some durable dog chew toys, made out of hard rubber, to prevent your shoes and other house items from falling in the paws of your pup. For playtime, pick up some dog balls or dog frisbees that your dog can fetch and some ropes toys that help with teeth flossing while they play. It’s also best to start a puppy off on specially designed puppy toys to help with teething. Kong dog toys and Nylabone are some of the popular dog toy brands.

Dog Coats & Clothing

Dog coats and clothing can be necessary to protect your dog from the cold weather and rain when out and about - especially smaller and skinny breeds. Petwell offers a range such as waterproof dog coats as well as hi-vis dog coats and dog jumpers for all sizes.

Dog & Puppy Training

You will probably want some dog training accessories to help train your dog to for various instances such as puppy toilet training, dog bark control, chewing or lawn care. Petwell also offers dog training accessories such as a treat belt to make sure you have treats in reach for when you need to your dog a reward, training treats, dog whistle and even a clicker if you decide to click-train your dog.

Dog Travel

Petwell stocks a range of dog travel products to make your holidays or vet trips easier for you and your dog. From dog carriers, dog crates, dog car harness and seatbelts to travel water bottles, dog cooling products, dog diapers & pants. It’s also advisable to use travel calming products such as Adaptil collar or Adaptil tablets to help ease your pet's anxiety whilst travelling.

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