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RAC Dog Car Harness

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GTIN: 5028804003749

Make every journey with your furry companion a delightful experience with the RAC Car Harness. Designed to provide flexibility and comfort, this harness allows your pet to sit and stand comfortably in the backseat while ensuring their safety and preventing them from jumping around.

With its adjustable design, the RAC Car Harness Small offers the perfect fit for your pet. Ensuring a snug and secure fit. This allows your pet to move freely within the designated area while remaining safely restrained.

Comfort is key, and the soft nylon padding of the harness adds an extra layer of coziness. It prevents any discomfort or irritation, allowing your pet to enjoy the journey in utmost comfort. Now, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that your pet is both secure and content.

The RAC Car Harness provides a practical solution for pet owners who prioritize safety and convenience during car rides. It keeps your pet safely restrained, reducing the risk of accidents and distractions while you focus on the road ahead.

Embark on exciting adventures with your pet and experience the benefits of the RAC Car Harness. Enjoy worry-free travels knowing that your furry friend is both comfortable and secure in the backseat, ready to join you on every journey.