Cats are discerning creatures, they choose their owners rather than us choosing them. They love being spoiled and delight in being fussy. So, given a chance, they’d choose the best cat food, best cat litter tray, cat collar and cat treats. Given a voice, they would choose only the best cat teeth cleaning products as they love to be well groomed at all times. 

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Pet Advice

Fleas and your pet's health

Fleas are the most common external parasite to affect your pet and it is likely that they will pick up a few in their lifetime.. 

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Cat food - a guide

There are hundreds of different brands and types of foods available for your cat so it can be incredibly confusing. 

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Specialist Cat Products

So, if you’ve got a fussy and demanding cat, you’ll need specialist cat products and cat food with which you can tempt your little diva. Make sure you add a cat scratching post to your list so you can deter your cat from taking out its frustrations on your prized furniture. Petwell stocks a variety of cat scratching posts and cat toys which will keep your pet entertained when you’re at work.

Flea treatment for cats

Fleas don’t discriminate and find a home on any cat or kitten regardless of how clean your pet is. The best way to prevent and remove fleas and eggs is to use a flea treatment for cats on a regular basis. The most effective and popular cat flea treatment method is to use a flea spot on treatment such as Frontline for cats, which can be carried out quickly and simply at home. If you spot fleas when grooming your cat, it’s important to act quickly as they can cause infestations quickly and make sure you treat your furnishings and bedding as well. It’s important to only use a flea treatment which is suitable for cats. Vacuuming regularly and changing bedding can interrupt the flea lifecycle and reduce infestations. Make sure that you change the vacuum dust bag each time you vacuum. It’s also recommended to treat your home with a flea spray for the house, such as Indorex flea spay or Homegard, which gives up to 1 year of protection against fleas. Signs that your pet has fleas include scratching, wounds and dark specks in fur and in some cases hair loss. You may well have flea bites on your ankles or wrists where you have come in contact with your pet. Treating for fleas regularly is imperative as they can also cause tapeworms which are extremely dangerous.

High-quality cat food

It’s also important to ensure that your cat or kitten has the right cat food when they are being weaned as they need to be supplied with all the correct vitamins as they grow. It’s also really important that you choose a food designed especially for cats which provides the right amount of nutrients for a healthy diet. Purina, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Specific Vet Diet, Iams, Applaws are great cat foods which provide the perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients for your cat as well as help with specific cat health issues.

Worming treatments for cats

If you’ve got cats or kittens, you’ll need to make sure that you have invested in a product that treats worms in cats. This will ensure that your cat or kittens remain healthy from the outset. Worms are a potentially serious problem for your cat or kittens, but one which is easily preventable with a simple cat worming treatment. One in four cats may have worms and Dronspot is a great new spot on wormer which fights all kinds of worms simply and effectively. Drontal for cats is also an effective worming tablet.

Cat teeth cleaning

Equally important than feeding your cat well, is ensuring your cat’s teeth are in tip-top condition. There are plenty of specialist cat toothpastes in cat-friendly flavours such as chicken or fish available to tempt your moggy. Just make sure they get used to the flavour first before you introduce a cat toothbrush.

Preventing cat hairballs

Cats love to groom themselves, but in so doing they can consume a substantial amount of their own fur. This can manifest itself as cat hairballs, which can be difficult to pass and may require veterinary treatment. One way to help your cat avoid hairballs is to make sure you brush your cat’s coat often to remove loose hairs. You can also try cat hairball pastes and chews such as Defurr-Um. This can go a long way to preventing the potential build up into a hairball. Grooming and brushing can help keep your cat’s coat glossy and healthy and is also an opportunity for you to check your cat’s overall health.

Cat litter tray

Litter trays are a necessary evil if you own a cat. What is important is that they are regularly cleaned and new litter provided to keep your cat clean. You can also get cat litter tray liners which make your litter tray easier to clean. If you have more than one cat you should have more than one litter tray as cats are territorial animals and do not like to share. Place the litter tray somewhere where it is accessible for your cat, for example in a utility room or downstairs toilet. Siting the tray near the back door where the cat can access it when it leaves or enters your home will encourage its use. Using a good quality litter which absorbs any smells will also ensure that smells reduced such as Catsan cat litter and cat litter deodoriser

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