Dronspot Medium Cat - 1 Pipette

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Product Summary:

Introducing Dronspot Spot On Wormer for Medium Cats (2.5 to 5kg) – a revolutionary solution for treating intestinal worms in cats and kittens. This easy-to-use spot-on formula is suitable for cats over 8 weeks of age and weighing over 0.5kg.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates all common types of intestinal worms found in UK cats (Roundworms, Tapeworms)
  • Hassle-free spot-on application, providing a tablet-free worming experience
  • Vet-strength formula ensures quick and effective worm treatment for cats

Full Product Description:

Why Choose Dronspot Spot On Solution for Medium Cats?

Worming your cat becomes a breeze with Dronspot Spot On. This spot-on application effectively eradicates every prevalent type of intestinal worm that UK cats can encounter. The tablet-free approach makes deworming hassle-free, offering you the assurance that you're safeguarding your pet and family against worms.

  • Kills all intestinal worms commonly found in UK cats (including Roundworms and Tapeworms)
  • Convenient and straightforward worming with an easy-to-apply spot-on formula
  • Rapid and efficient worming treatment through a simple application
  • Contains a vet-strength formula available without a prescription

Did you know that 1 in 4 cats in the UK carry worms unknowingly? These parasites can deplete crucial nutrients from your cat and lead to severe health issues for both your family and feline companion. Dronspot eliminates the common intestinal worms found in UK cats, promoting a healthier and happier environment for all.


For cats weighing between 2.5 and 5kg, use 1 pipette.

Worming Frequency:

Based on your cat's lifestyle and home environment, most cats in the UK should be wormed monthly. However, consult your vet for personalized guidance.

Worming Made Easy:

  • Ensure accurate weighing of the cat before treatment to determine the correct pipette size.
  • Remove one pipette from the package and hold it upright. Twist and remove the cap, then use the opposite end of the cap to break the seal.
  • Part the fur at the base of the cat's neck until the skin is visible. Place the pipette tip on the skin and firmly squeeze several times to apply the contents directly.
  • Application at the base of the skull reduces the risk of the cat licking off the product.
  • Apply exclusively on intact skin's surface. Do not administer through any other route.


Store in the original package to protect from moisture. Keep below 25°C.


Each 0.7ml pipette contains 60 mg praziquantel and 15 mg emodepside.

Important Information:

  • Not for use in kittens under 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 0.5 kg.
  • Avoid use in sick or weakened animals.
  • Do not use if hypersensitive to active substances or excipients.
  • Avoid water exposure after treatment to maintain efficacy.
  • Prevent the treated cat or other cats from licking the wet application site.
  • Rarely, salivation, vomiting, ataxia, tremor, alopecia, pruritus, or inflammation may occur. These effects stem from licking the application site post-treatment.
  • Safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Keep out of children's reach and wash hands after use.