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SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect

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GTIN: 5060180392819
  • Easy Installation
  • Monitor your cat's activity and notice changes in behaviour
  • Lock/unlock the Cat flap remotely and set curfew times

Discover the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect - Unlock the Door to Your Cat's Independence!

Give your feline friend the ultimate freedom while maintaining complete control with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect. Boasting cutting-edge technology, this cat flap revolutionizes the way you interact with your pet, putting you in charge, even when you're miles away. With the Sure Petcare app and the Sure Petcare Hub (available separately or as part of a set), you can enjoy real-time monitoring and management of your cat flap from the palm of your hand.

Key Features:

  1. Remote Monitoring and Access Control: Stay connected with your cat, no matter where you are. With the Sure Petcare app, you can remotely manage the cat flap, allowing or restricting your furry companion's access as per your convenience.

  2. DualScan™ Technology for Multi-Cat Households: Tailor access permissions for each of your beloved cats. Create custom settings to ensure certain cats remain indoors while others roam freely. Up to 32 cats can be registered, ensuring personalized freedom for all.

  3. Microchip Recognition for Enhanced Security: Rest easy knowing that only your registered pets can enter your home. The cat flap recognizes common microchip numbers (9, 10, and 15-digit), ensuring unauthorized intruders are kept at bay.

  4. Compatibility with Non-Microchipped Cats: Don't worry if your cat isn't microchipped. The cat flap is also compatible with Sure Petcare RFID collar tags (sold separately), offering the same convenient access control.

  5. Sure Petcare App - Your Gateway to Smart Pet Care: The free app, available for iOS and Android, brings a host of powerful features to your fingertips. Open and close the flap remotely, receive real-time push notifications when your cat comes and goes, access activity logs for valuable insights, and receive intruder alerts.

  6. Easy Programmable 4-Way System: Customize the cat flap's functionality directly on the device or through the app. Choose from four modes: entry and exit, only entry, only exit, or fully locked.

  7. Hub - Smart Connectivity: The optional cat-shaped Sure Petcare Hub, sold separately, enables seamless communication between your cat flap and the app. It supports up to 10 SureFlap Connect products, delivering live data updates to your smartphone.

Technical Details:

  • Flap: Battery-operated, 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (not included), 6 months battery life, LED low battery indicator, operates without external adapter.
  • Hub: 2.4 GHz, includes USB and network cables, mains plug with mountable adapters, input: 100-240V, 0.2A, 50-60 Hz, output: 5V, 1.2A.
  • App: Compatible with iOS 9 or higher and Android 4.4 or higher on mobile devices, and most recent versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari on Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher on desktop.

Designed with Your Cat's Safety and Comfort in Mind:

  • Crafted from safe and robust materials
  • Dimensions (Flap): Outer frame - 21 x 21 cm (W x H), Entry - 14.2 x 12 cm (W x H), Tunnel depth - 7cm
  • Cut-out size (door, wall): 16.5 x 17.1 cm (W x H), Cut-out size (glass): diameter 21.2cm
  • Additional accessories available for installation in walls and double glazing

Elevate your cat's experience with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect - the gateway to freedom, safety, and modern pet care. Embrace this advanced solution and cherish every moment of your cat's newfound independence. With Sure Petcare, love your cat, love our planet.