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Unwanted pests on our furry friends need taking care of all year round

Unwanted pests on our furry friends need taking care of all year round

colour-emma-nicholasA big part of our job at our veterinary hospital in West London is sharing information with clients about how important it is to treat against about ectoparasites and endoparasites – that’s parasites like fleas, ticks, mites, live, lungworm, roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm and for our international pets sometimes mosquitoes and sand flies too.
Prevention is better than cure
The right treatment is dependent on your pet’s lifestyle. Owners who care about their pets don’t want them to suffer the misery of being bitten all day and all night by fleas. Outdoor dogs and cats should be protected all year round.
Face facts about fleas in your home
A single flea can lay up to 10,000 eggs in our carpets and rugs so you’ll want to prevent even one coming into the house.
Dog or cat flea under real magnifying glass over whiteFlea eggs can survive up to two years in carpets so if you have recently moved into a house it is often a good idea to spray the floors with a product that kills flea eggs.
Fleas can make your pet seriously ill
Fleas transmit tapeworm so if your cat or dog gets flea they should also be treated for worms. In large numbers and especially on puppies and kittens and small pets fleas can cause anaemia and even death if they suck enough blood out of their host.
In cats fleas can transmit another serious parasite called Haemobartonella felis which is potentially fatal.
tick and flea prevention on a little chihuahua in studioEven in small numbers, fleas cause irritation to your pet's skin as their bites are itchy.
Many of my patients are allergic to flea saliva too and even one bite can result in a large reaction and cause your pet to further worsen the skin inflammation and infection by biting and scratching at sore spots.
Get the right treatment for your pet
You can always ask your vet or veterinary nurse which is the best suited antiparasitic for your animal. Try to choose a product that is both effective but not harmful to your pet, your family and the environment.
Keeping your pet flea-free improves their quality of life and also yours!

Emma the Vet

Notting Hill & Barons Court Vet


NB - For for more information on fleas, ticks and worms please see our dedicated advice pages which you might find a useful addition to the above. Products to help prevent and treat fleas, ticks and worms can also be found on our website.