dog bath

Giving your pet a bath!

Giving your pet a bath!

Bathroom To A DogIn addition to your basic grooming schedule, you will want to bathe your dog around once a month.
This frequency, of course, will depend upon their breed, whether they have rolled in something smelly or if they have a skin condition, for example.

Cats – other than the hairless breeds - generally don’t require bathing due to their fastidious nature and their built in grooming tools that are their tongues and teeth. However, if their fur becomes dirty, sticky or smelly you may have to “take the plunge”.

Small pets, should not be given baths, they find them highly stressful, therefore should only be considered in extreme cases.

How to bathe your pet
The act of bathing your pet can be stressful for you and your pet, particularly, if you are not fully prepared. Here are a few tips to help you get through the process unscathed!

  1. Bathroom To A DogMake sure your pet is brushed and clipped of any matts so bathing is made more comfortable
  2. Make sure you have the right tools for the job to hand, so you don’t find yourself with a wet dog running about the house! This also includes wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet during the process!
  3. To prevent your dog escaping chose somewhere you can shut the door i.e. the bathroom rather than the kitchen.
  4. Make sure your pet doesn’t slip by adding a non slip surface below them e.g. a bath matt or extra towel
  5. Your pet’s skin is thinner than yours so you make sure you use lukewarm water so you don’t scald them.
  6. Add around 4 inches of water to the bath and dampen your dog from head to toe
  7. Shampoo your pet’s coat with a pet friendly product, avoiding their ears, eyes and nose.
  8. Rinse and rinse again, then rinse again just to be sure. Any shampoo left behind will irritate the skin.
  9. Dry your pet using a towel

dog-hairdresserGive your pet lots of praise and try to confine them inside for a short time so they aren’t tempted to undo all your good work by rolling about outside!
Obviously, different breeds have different bathing needs so; if you are unsure about how often your pet needs to be bathed please speak to your vet for advice.