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The Nuttery Classic Original Compact Nut Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

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This New Model Nuttery Original Compact Peanut Feeder in a lovely Ocean Green colour has a squirrel proof metal cage surrounding the central peanut mesh feeder, allowing small garden birds to feed in peace whilst greedy squirrels and larger wild birds such as pigeons and crows are kept out.

Finished in a lovely ocean green colour, this attractive metal feeder can hold up to 360g of peanuts which will attract an array of small birds including: finches, blue tits, nuthatches to your garden.

This feeder can be fully dismantled for a thorough clean by simply unscrewing the base and removing the inner mesh.

It is presented in an attractive colour box with a cut out and we think it would make a lovely gift for your bird feeding friends and their garden birds!