Surefeed Felaqua Connect

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  • Cat Friendly Design
  • Delivers Fresh Water
  • Monitors Your Cat's Drinking

Our busy lifestyles mean that many cat owners find it difficult to keep track of how much their cat is drinking.

However, vets agree that a change in drinking behaviour is the most concerning health indicator in middle aged and senior cats*, so monitoring a cat’s water intake is critically important to their overall health.

Designed with leading veterinary behaviourists to encourage drinking, FelaquaTM Connect is a cat-friendly, connected water bowl that monitors a cat’s drinking behaviour.

Connecting to the Sure Petcare App, Felaqua Connect reports how much and when a cat drinks, enabling owners to more easily spot changes in drinking patterns, which may be a cause for concern.

  • Cat-friendly design presents water in a way that is more visible and appealing for cats, replicating the shape of a puddle.
  • Bowl refills automatically as cat drinks - No recirculating water.
  • Air-tight reservoir keeps water fresh until it is needed.
  • Microchip recognition enables monitoring of individual pets in multi-pet homes.
  • Flexible placement in the home: battery powered: no mains cables needed.
  • Dishwasher-safe reservoir and bowl for easy cleaning.

Easily add a pet’s microchip or collar tag via the Sure Petcare App - Any pet can access the water, but only registered pets will be monitored.

The bowl refills automatically as a cat drinks - Remaining water is kept fresh in the sealed reservoir, until needed.

Freedom to place water where a cat feels most comfortable drinking - Up to 6-months battery life, no mains cables or plugs.

Use the Sure Petcare App to monitor your pets drinking - Get insights with reports, dashboards and useful notifications.