Royal Canin X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food

SKU: I0005561
GTIN: 3182550793728

Complete feed for adult dogs - For very small breed dogs (weight up to 4 kg) - Over 10 months old.

Now that your small dog is an adult, it's important to make sure that its diet provides nutrients that help to maintain optimal health.

Suitable for very small dogs over 10 months old that weigh up to 4kg, Royal Canin® X-Small Adult is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your X-Small adult dog in mind.

Royal Canin® X-Small Adult contains very high quality protein (L. I. P. ), specifically chosen for its easy digestibility. This protein, combined with a balanced intake of fibres like psyllium, helps to facilitate healthy intestinal transit and good stool quality.

In addition, Royal Canin® X-Small Adult helps to support a healthy urinary system in very small breed dogs like yours.

Some very small breed dogs tend to benefit from nutrients that help to support the health of sensitive skin and delicate coats. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), Royal Canin® X-Small Adult helps to support good coat condition. Additionally, the variety of vitamins included will help to strengthen your dog's ‘skin barrier role' – ultimately contributing to the ongoing maintenance of good skin health.

The kibble in Royal Canin® X-Small Adult has been specially adapted to cater this particular breed. Its shape, size, and texture is perfect for your small dog's miniature jaws.

What's more, this exclusive and very palatable formula helps to stimulate the appetite of even the fussiest of small breed dogs.

At Royal Canin® we're committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet's needs. All of our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food as well as catering to your dog's specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your dog eats Royal Canin® X-Small Adult, it's getting a complete and balanced diet.

Healthy Transit: Very small breed dogs are prone to constipation. A balanced intake of fibres (including psyllium) together with highly digestible L.I.P. proteins helps facilitate intestinal transit and contributes to good stool quality.

Coat Condition: This formula contains nutrients which help support a healthy skin. Enriched with EPA-DHA.

Urinary Tract Health: Helps support a healthy urinary system in very small breed dogs.

Very Palatable & Very Small Kibble: This small-sized kibble has been developed to be perfectly adapted to the miniature jaw of dogs under 4 kg. Its exclusive formula also helps stimulate fussy appetites in very small breed dogs.