Royal Canin Kitten in Loaf Wet Cat Food

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Complete feed for cats - Specially for 2nd age kittens up to 12 months old (loaf).

When your kitten is around 4 months old, their growth rate might slow but their activity levels are on the up and up! It's a time when your kitten needs the right nutrients to support developing bones, muscles, organs, and immune and nervous systems. Very soon, your kitten will also develop 30 adult teeth.

Royal Canin® Kitten in Loaf is specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of kittens in the “consolidation phase” of their growth. This formula is suitable for 4 to 12-month-old kittens as they undergo a period of significant physical and behavioural changes.

This tailored diet has a soft texture, with a moist loaf that has the perfect taste and palatability for growing kittens.

It also contains nutrients such as vitamins C and E to support the kitten's natural defences.

Royal Canin® Kitten in Loaf is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) to support brain development and healthy vision.

Thanks to a combination of beneficial prebiotics (MOS) and highly digestible proteins, Royal Canin® Kitten in Loaf also helps to support a healthy balance of intestinal microbiota (gut flora) for good digestion.

Royal Canin® Kitten in Loaf has been created to satisfy the most discerning feline palate. This wet food offers your kitten a positive sensory experience, supports healthy hydration and is perfect for mixed feeding with the Royal Canin® Kitten dry kibble diet.

Did you know that a kitten's nutritional needs change as they grow? By the time your kitten reaches 12 months old, they will need a diet that's specially adapted to meet their nutritional needs as a grown cat. At this stage, you can transition them onto the Royal Canin® range of diets for adult cats, available as dry kibble or wet food in loaf, gravy or jelly.

At Royal Canin, we're committed to creating a better world for cats and dogs. For more than 50 years, we've worked closely with breeders, vets and pet experts, sharing specialist knowledge and scientific research to create a dedicated approach to individualised, precise nutritional solutions.

All our products undergo an extensive quality control process to guarantee the optimal quality of food. When your kitten eats Royal Canin® Kitten in Loaf, they're getting a complete and balanced diet.

Immune System Support: Supports the development of the kitten's healthy immune system with the inclusion of a complex of nutrients, including vitamins E and C.

Brain Development: Enriched with an omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) to support the kitten's brain development and healthy vision.

Soft Texture for Baby Teeth: Optimal texture & taste for growing kittens.