Purina Bonio Low-Fat Meaty Chip Bite Size Treat for Dogs 400g

SKU: 35465
GTIN: 7613033684166
  • Dog biscuits formulated especially for adult dogs
  • Made using wholegrain cereals rich in multiple nutrients
  • Oven-baked biscuits with low-fat content

The Purina Bonio Meaty Chip is a complementary pet food specially designed for your loving dogs!

The Purina Bonio's Meaty Chip Bitesize Dog Food is a meaty chip with lots of yummy, chewy meaty pieces that offer the nutrition of the classic Bonio biscuit but with the upgraded taste that delights like of a treats! Guaranteed low in fat, making it ideal for a healthy diet. With its blended cereals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, minerals, and sugars, this complementary pet food is sure to deliver a good taste and healthy treats just for your dogs!