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Pellets - Berry Plastic Free 12.55kg

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Introducing Suet To Go Wild Bird Suet Pellets Berry Recipe, a nutritious and delightful food source for wild birds. These suet berry pellets are carefully formulated to offer wild birds a highly beneficial complementary feed, particularly during times when natural food sources may be scarce. With human-grade ingredients and an attractive bright color, these berry suet pellets are sure to be a favorite among our feathered friends.

Key Benefits:

  1. Easy to Handle: The suet pellets are designed for convenient handling, making feeding the birds a hassle-free experience.

  2. Sun-Resistant: These pellets are specially formulated not to melt in the sun, ensuring they remain intact and appetizing for the birds.

  3. Versatile Feeding Options: You can place these suet pellets on a bird table or use a suet feeder or suitable mesh feeder to provide a variety of feeding options for the birds.

  4. High in Energy: Packed with essential nutrients, these suet berry pellets are high in energy, providing wild birds with the sustenance they need to stay active and healthy.

  5. Attracts a Variety of Birds: Woodpeckers, blue tits, robins, and many common garden birds will be drawn to the delicious berry recipe of these suet pellets.

Feeding Guide:

To enjoy the company of wild birds, simply place the suet pellets on a bird table or use a suet feeder or mesh feeder for feeding. These suet berry pellets are suitable for year-round feeding, especially during winter when food may be scarce, and in spring and early summer when adult birds are seeking nourishment for their young.

Important Reminders:

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available for the birds. Additionally, when hanging feeders, make sure they are at a safe height away from potential threats like cats to protect the birds while they feed.

Treat the wild birds in your garden to a nutritious and delectable feast with Suet To Go Wild Bird Suet Pellets Berry Recipe. Not only will you be helping the birds during times of food scarcity, but you'll also have the pleasure of observing a colorful array of beautiful birds frequenting your garden. Providing them with this delightful suet food will surely make your garden a favorite destination for these charming creatures.