Ministry Of Pets Knotted Legs Corded Animal Toy With Squeaker (Random Selecton)

SKU: 70885
GTIN: 5028805021629

Ministry Of Pets - Knotted Legs Corded Animal Toys with Squeaker: Irresistible Playtime Fun

Ministry Of Pets presents the perfect playtime companions for your furry friend. The Knotted Legs Corded Animal Toys with Squeaker offer both entertainment and comfort, making playtime a joyous affair.

Key Features:

  • Soft Plush Delight: These corded animal toys are made from soft plush material, providing your pet with a delightful tactile experience while playing.

  • Endearing Design: The knotted legs of these toys add an extra layer of playfulness, encouraging your pet to tug, chew, and engage in active play.

  • Squeaky Surprise: Equipped with an exciting squeaker, these toys emit an enticing sound that piques your pet's curiosity and keeps them entertained.

  • Snuggle-Worthy: Beyond playtime, these toys are perfect for snuggling, offering your pet a sense of comfort and security.

Random Selection for Variety:

Each purchase brings an element of surprise, as you'll receive a random selection from the available three toys. This variety adds an element of excitement to playtime for both you and your pet.

Unleash Playfulness:

Watch your pet delight in these Ministry Of Pets corded animal toys. The combination of softness, interactive design, and the element of sound makes for an engaging playtime experience that your pet will adore.