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Lintbells Yuderm Itching Dog

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YuMEGA Itchy Dog Plus is a supplement that provides a unique combination of ingredients to help dogs with a sensitive or itchy skin.

The supplement contains high levels of natural ingredients to calm sensitive skin, reduce itching and scratching, and support skin health.

High levels of Omega 3 from the salmon oil and golden flax seed calms sensitive skin and improves coat condition.

It also contains omega 6 from starflower, which reduces itching and scratching and nourishes soft and supple skin, plus Natural Vitamin E from plant sources to support the skin's natural defences.

YuMEGA PLUS contains added fresh Salmon oil, 50% more GLA and more Vitamin E than standard YuMEGA, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive and itchy skin.

Feeding Guide. Do not exceed the daily recommendations.

  • Up to 10kg 2.5ml
  • 10-20kg 5-7ml
  • 20-30kg 7.5-10ml
  • 30kg+ 10-15ml