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Kong Tuggz Sloth Xlarge

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Introducing the KONG Tuggz sloth in XL size, designed to provide your dog with extended play sessions of tugging, tossing, and shaking. With its elongated body and rope ends, this toy is perfect for indulging your dog's natural instincts while offering a fun and interactive play experience.

Key Features:

  • XL Size for Extended Play: The extra-long body and rope ends of the KONG Tuggz sloth ensure that play sessions last longer, giving your dog ample opportunity to engage in tugging, tossing, and thrashing fun.

  • Meeting Chewing Needs: The combination of its length and rope features makes the toy ideal for shaking and thrashing, satisfying your dog's natural chewing tendencies.

  • Multi-Sensory Stimulation: This toy is equipped with a plush body, dual squeakers, and crinkly arms that ignite your dog's instincts to play and shake, providing a multi-sensory experience.

  • Cuddly Companion: Beyond play, the snuggly plush material makes the KONG Tuggz sloth irresistibly cuddly. It becomes the perfect buddy for indoor play and hangout sessions.

Important Note:

While the KONG Tuggz sloth offers hours of interactive entertainment, it's important to remember that no toy is indestructible. Always supervise your pet while they are playing with toys, ensuring their safety and the longevity of the toy.

Elevate your dog's playtime with the XL KONG Tuggz sloth, designed to engage, entertain, and provide cuddly companionship for your furry friend.