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Johnston And Jeff Wild Bird Food 20kg

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Introducing our premium bird food blend, crafted to provide your feathered friends with the ultimate dining experience all year round. Our nutrient-rich formula is meticulously cleaned to an impressive 99.9% purity, ensuring that only the finest ingredients nourish the birds that visit your garden.

Ideal for hanging feeders or bird tables, this exceptional bird food is designed to attract a diverse range of bird species, enhancing your garden's natural beauty and creating a delightful wildlife sanctuary.

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend serving this delectable feast on table tops and hanging feeders placed in secluded spots, away from busy areas. By elevating the feeders off the ground and ensuring a safe distance from fences, you provide a sense of security that birds crave while they indulge in their meal.

Our "little and often" feeding approach ensures a continuous supply of nourishment for the birds, encouraging them to return to your garden time and time again. To complement their delightful feast, always keep a fresh and clean supply of water available, enabling our feathered friends to quench their thirst and stay refreshed throughout their visit.

Join us in creating a haven for birds, and witness the joy of watching these beautiful creatures thrive as they indulge in our premium, year-round bird food blend. Elevate your garden's allure and contribute to the well-being of local wildlife with our thoughtfully curated bird food.