Hill's Science Plan Adult Medium Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Dog Food

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Understanding stomach & skin sensitivities

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach. Some dogs may have sensitive digestion, making them prone to digestive problems. Signs include more frequent vomiting, flatulence, odorous or intermittently loose stools. The digestibility of your dog's food may also play a role.

Spot the signs of sensitive skin. Skin sensitivities are common and distressing for both you and your dog. If you notice your dog scratching, itching, licking or rubbing more than normal, they might have skin sensitivities. Breed, age, season and nutrition can be contributing factors.

The right food can help. Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food is precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive skin and digestive systems. It's gentle on stomachs, with added fibre and beet pulp to support healthy digestion. With vitamin E and omega-6s for skin and coat nourishment.

The Hill's difference

Nutrition with the power to transform lives. With science-first formulas to address your dog's unique health needs, the range of Science Plan foods provides the targeted nutrition they need to live a long, happy life.

Biology-based nutrition. Hill's is dedicated to pioneering research and creating science-first food formulated to anticipate pets' ever-changing nutritional needs.

Powerful nutrition, irresistable taste. Hill's Science Plan dog foods are formulated to deliver the nutrition your dog needs in delicious flavours and textures that will keep them coming back for more.