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Felix Crispies Cat Treats - Beef & Chicken - 45g

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Felix Crispies flavoured with Beef and Chicken are irresistible cat treats that we are sure your cat will adore. 

Deliciously air-whipped for a light and crispy texture, these tasty treats are the perfect way to surprise your feline friend with a combination of chicken and beef flavours. 

Felix Crispies Beef and Chicken cat treats have been created with your cat in mind and provide protein, vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids to your cat to contribute to her general health and wellbeing. 

With a crunchy, crispy crackle in every bite, your cat will love the tasty textures and mouth-watering flavours in our Felix Crispies Beef and Chicken cat treats. 

Felix packed their treats in a handy 45g pouch so treat time is even more convenient and our tasty treats stay fresher for longer. 

Give the pouch a shake and watch as your cat comes running to the sound of our delicious cat treats and share even more mischievous moments together.