Elkwood 100% Natural Antler Chew

SKU: 67708
GTIN: 5028804411476

Full of calcium and healthy minerals, these split antler chews are the perfect treat for your dog. Antler chews are long-lasting and are a natural and healthy alternative to rawhide and won't splinter like bones. Sourced from European Red Deer, these antlers are hand collected once shed and cut to size; each antler is unique in shape! Perfect for chewing, our split antlers help to clean teeth and soothe gums, whilst helping to satisfy a dog's natural urge to chew. Dogs should not be left unsupervised with this product, and it should be removed once it becomes small enough to be swallowed. Split antlers are not suitable for very strong chewers, please treat your pet to either our big or giant full antler chews instead.