Eco-Friendly Bamboo Slow Feeding Bowl

SKU: 70201
GTIN: 5028804413203
If you have a dog that likes to guzzle their food faster than you can blink, this slow feeder is the perfect solution.

A dog eating quickly can be problematic. Our bamboo slow feeders promote slower digestion, which means your dog is fuller for longer. Over time your dog's stomach health will improve, and your dog will be less bloated and will produce less gas.

These bowls make your dog actually chew their food, and digest more vitamins and minerals than they would if they eat really fast. Not only is it taking care of the environment by ensuring your dog produces less methane, but the bamboo bowl is 100% and no harmful plastics are used.

Plastic can take up to 450 years to break down but this bowl at the end of its lifetime is 100% recyclable.

Dishwasher safe with non-slip feet for mess-free, easy dinnertime.