Dream Paws Pet Sofa Bed

SKU: 68931
GTIN: 5028804413074
  • Stylish faux linen exterior with a cosy soft plush interior
  • Soft and comfy to give your pet a comfortable overnight sleep
  • Easy to clean; fully machine washable at 30 degrees

Dream Paws Pet Sofa Bed - after a tiring day, you need a sound sleep. The same is the case with puppies and dogs. They play and roam around the whole day and want to come back to a cosy space to doze off. That's where a pet bed comes to play. A good dog bed makes sure that the canine can enjoy a proper and safe sleep or relaxation during the day. 

It has a plush and indulgently soft finish that would ensure that the canine sleeps there and does not occupy your bedroom (as always!). The Dream Paws dog bed has a soft plush inner and faux outer lining for additional warmth and safety, especially when the temperature drops at night. It has a safe and slip-resistant base to ensure that the canine doesn't slip or fall while it is running around and creating a comfortable resting position.

The sofa bed is made of polyester for comfort and durability. It can be easily machine washed at 30 and line dried to retain the quality and look. This bed has a neutral tone that looks perfect in every room. Always ensure that you don't leave the pet bed unattended with pets that have a knack for continuous chewing. It should always be kept in a damp place and lifted every day for air-drying.