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Cj's 30l Wood Cat Litter 30l

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Introducing CJ’s Premium Cat Litter – an exceptional choice for your feline companion's comfort and your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Purely Natural and Highly Absorbent: Crafted from 100% virgin softwood, CJ's Premium Cat Litter boasts a unique blend of qualities that put your pet's comfort and well-being first. With its impressive absorption power, this litter readily soaks up liquids, leaving the litter tray clean and dry.

Aroma of Fresh Pine: Experience the invigorating scent of fresh pine with every use. CJ’s Premium Cat Litter naturally emanates a pleasant pine aroma, creating a soothing environment for your pet and your home.

Eradicates Odours Naturally: Say goodbye to lingering odours. Our Antimicrobial Cat Litter actively prevents the growth of germs and bacteria, resulting in the complete elimination of unpleasant odours instead of merely masking them.

Easy to Handle and Manage: With its non-clumping formula, this cat litter simplifies maintenance. Daily upkeep is effortless – a simple shake of the litter tray brings fresh pellets to the surface, while waste can be promptly removed.

Earth-Friendly and Biodegradable: We understand the importance of preserving our planet. CJ's Premium Cat Litter aligns with your commitment to environmental responsibility. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, this litter can be easily added to your compost or regular household waste.

Superior Material, No Chemicals: Our commitment to your pet's health and well-being is unwavering. CJ's Premium Cat Litter is free from chemicals commonly used to bind sawdust or recycled wood litters, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for your pet.

FSC Accredited for Quality: We take pride in maintaining the highest quality standards. CJ's Premium Cat Litter holds the esteemed FSC wood industry accreditation, a testament to our dedication to providing you and your pet with an exceptional product.

Elevate your pet's comfort and embrace an environmentally conscious choice with CJ’s Premium Cat Litter. Its natural freshness, exceptional absorption, and dedication to sustainability create a harmonious blend that both you and your feline companion will appreciate.