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Cesar Senior 10+ Deliciously Fresh Mixed Jelly Pouch for Dogs - 100g

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When dogs enter their senior stage of life, they may become more passive and start to gain weight. It is also possible that their appetite will fall and they might not seem as interested in mealtimes. A kind of food that targets all of these issues and will make your dog stronger and active like before is the Cesar Senior 10+ dog food. Cesar's dog food includes all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibre to keep your dog healthy in his old age. Every recipe is made without any added sugar so that your pooch can maintain an ideal weight. It is also free from unnatural colours, flavours, and preservatives to keep the meal 100% natural and nutritional. Cesar senior dog food comes in small packs of 100g so that your pooch can finish his meal without leaving any leftovers. Always remember to adjust the meal amount according to your dog's age, activity level, and breed. If you are introducing Cesar wet dog food, allow a change phase to make sure that it suits your dog.