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Cani Comfort Calming Diffuser Refill - 48ml

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There are many times when your pet can be triggered in a situation where it can become aggressive or feel helpless. The situation can occur during visits to the vet, road trips, periods of change, or multiple stressful events like fireworks or thunderstorms, and even when left alone in the house. You cannot always sedate your pet in situations like these. Instead, you must be ready with a lasting solution so that your pet can be comforted immediately. The Beaphar CaniComfort Dog Anxiety Kit is an effective addition to your pet's medical kit when you know that it may face stress or anxiety.

This Calming diffuser kit includes the Beaphar CaniComfort calming diffuser and Beaphar CaniComfort calming diffuser refill. This calming diffuser for dogs diffuses pheromones that your pet can recognize, and feel relaxed and reassured. These pheromones can also help reduce and control aggressive behavior in your dogs, such as excessive barking, furniture destruction, and urinary marking. For better and safe use, this dog calming diffuser comes with some dos and donts that you must always follow.

It is okay to use the diffuser in your house overnight or continuously when you are leaving the house. You can place it where your dog spends most of its time, and after 30 days of use or when empty, you can replace the refill reservoir with a new one. However, you must never use this diffuser with a multi-socket, extension cord, adaptor, or converter. If used carefully, you will see the effective results of this dog calming kit on your pet's health and behavior. Then, you won't have to face many troubles with them.