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Blocks Flow Packed Insect Value Srp Plastic Free 280g

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Give your feathered friends a hearty feast with the Suet To Go Suet Cake Blocks. These nutritious and all-natural suet cakes are designed to protect and nourish wild birds while offering them a delectable treat. Available in three irresistible flavors—berry, mealworm, and insect—these suet cake blocks are a high-energy solution for keeping your garden visitors well-fed and happy.

Key Features:

  • Size: Each suet cake block weighs 280g, providing a substantial amount of nourishment for wild birds.

  • High Energy Bird Feed: These suet cakes are formulated to offer a high level of energy, ensuring that the birds receive the fuel they need for their activities.

  • All Natural: The suet cake blocks are made from natural ingredients, offering a wholesome and nutritious diet to your avian visitors.


  • Insect: This flavor is a protein-packed delight that mirrors the birds' natural diet. It's especially appealing to insect-eating bird species.

Nourishment and Protection: These suet cake blocks not only provide essential energy to wild birds but also offer a protective food source during times when natural resources are scarce. By placing these suet cakes in your garden, you're creating a haven for birds to find sustenance year-round.

Enticing and Convenient: The Suet To Go Suet Cake Blocks are an inviting way to attract a variety of bird species to your outdoor space. Hang them in a suet feeder or directly on a branch, and watch as the birds flock to enjoy these delectable treats.

Supporting Wild Bird Health: By providing these suet cake blocks, you're not only enjoying the company of beautiful birds but also playing a role in their well-being. Nourishing them with high-quality, energy-rich food helps them thrive and flourish in their natural habitats.

A Gourmet Feast for Every Palate: Whether they crave the sweetness of berries, the protein of mealworms, or the insect-rich taste, these suet cake blocks have something for every wild bird's palate. It's a simple yet effective way to create a diverse and lively avian community in your garden.