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Danish Design Anti-Bacterial Deluxe Duvet Cover - Grey - Large (87 x 132cm)

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GTIN: 5028441092892

These anti-bacterial duvets are made with a hard-wearing fabric, which is stain and water-resistant.

Using silver ion technology for hygiene, protection and freshness that reaches full antimicrobial effect after only 24 hours.

Freshness for your pet by evaporating water away and into the textile to be dispersed contributes to stopping odour-causing bacteria.

Antimicrobial effects will last the life of the textile, prolonging its life span with the reduced need for constant washing

Only needs to be washed at a low temperature, reducing energy consumption and has outstanding resistance to machine washing, with a 99.9% reduction of bacteria even after 100 wash cycles

The use of silver ion technology is shown to have no negative effects on the environment and is safe and pet friendly.