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Animology Derma Dog Sensitive Skin Shampoo 250ml

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Introducing Animology Derma Gentle Skin & Coat Cleansing Shampoo - A Premium Solution for Your Dog's Sensitivity

Animology Derma Gentle Skin & Coat Cleansing Shampoo is thoughtfully crafted with the utmost care to cater to your furry companion's specific needs. Specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin, this mild and effective shampoo offers a comprehensive cleaning, deodorizing, and conditioning experience, ensuring your pet's skin and coat remain in optimal health.

Enriched with a nourishing blend of built-in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5, this advanced formula aims to elevate the health, strength, and overall condition of your dog's coat. The pro-vitamin B5 promotes coat hydration and resilience, leaving it visibly softer and more lustrous after each wash.

Gentle yet Deep Cleaning Action:
Designed to cater to the unique requirements of sensitive skin, Animology Derma Shampoo combines mildness with a deep cleaning action. Its gentle cleansing properties effectively remove dirt, impurities, and odors from your dog's coat, all while preserving its essential oils. Say goodbye to irritations and discomfort, as this shampoo soothes and nourishes delicate skin, promoting a happier, itch-free experience for your canine companion.

Suitable for All Coat and Skin Types:
Versatility is at the heart of Animology Derma Shampoo. Regardless of your dog's coat type or skin condition, this carefully crafted formulation delivers exceptional results. From short-haired to long-haired breeds, Derma Shampoo effortlessly caters to the needs of all fur textures, ensuring a thorough and satisfying wash for every pet.

Easy Rinse Formula for Effortless Bath Time:
Animology understands the value of your time and your pet's comfort. The easy rinse formula of Derma Shampoo streamlines bath time, minimizing the time spent in the tub. This convenience factor makes it an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a quick yet effective cleansing solution.

How to Use:
Using Animology Derma Shampoo is a breeze. Begin by wetting your dog's coat with warm water. Gently lather the shampoo from the neck down, indulging your pet in a luxurious cleansing experience. Follow up with a thorough rinse using warm water to reveal a refreshed and revitalized coat. For a finishing touch, dry your dog with a soft towel, leaving them feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Cautionary Note:
While the Animology Derma Shampoo is created with the utmost care for your pet's well-being, it's essential to avoid contact with their eyes during the bathing process. In the rare event of accidental contact, promptly rinse with clean water to prevent any discomfort.

Elevate your dog's grooming routine with Animology Derma Gentle Skin & Coat Cleansing Shampoo, and witness the joy of a happy, healthy, and immaculately clean furry friend by your side. Experience the Animology difference and provide your canine companion with the tender loving care they deserve.