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Almo Nature Holistic Digestive Help with Turkey Wet Cat Food

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Our HFC Puppy recipes contain everything that your puppy needs (minerals, amino acids and vitamins) to ensure healthy and well-balanced growth.

They also boost the well-being of the tummy thanks to the prebiotics (FOS e MOS) which are ideal for developing a proper intestinal flora.

Our complete meals include chicken or sea bass and sea bream, high in protein, and rice, naturally gluten-free and the only source of cereal. Free from artificial preservatives and colourants. Also suitable for adult females in gestation and lactation.

With ingredients originally fit for human consumption and now food for your puppy, our kibble has all the quality of HFC wet.

HFC Puppy recipes with 100% fresh meat or fish and 0% animal meal guarantee an elevated nutritional value and a high digestibility thanks to reduced conservation and food processing.

Almo Nature advises mixing a small quantity of HFC Puppy wet food with the kibble to stimulate your puppy’s taste buds and enrich its meal with taste and flavour.