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Almo Nature HFC for Sterilized Adult Cats - Dry Food 100% Fresh Cod

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The HFC Adult Sterilised recipes, complete mono-protein meals, ideal for sterilised cats formulated with: a low magnesium content to reduce the possibility of kidney stone formation; a moderate fat content and an adequate supply of fibre to support the real need of house cats together with high quality protein to preserve lean mass.

Cranberries contribute to the proper functioning of the urinary tract and, in the Salmon and Cod recipes, the natural supply of omega 3 is perfect for the skin and coat.

Free from artificial preservatives and colourants. With ingredients originally fit for human consumption now food for your cat, our kibble has all the quality of HFC wet.

The HFC Adult Sterilised recipes with 100% fresh meat or fish and 0% animal meal guarantee an elevated nutritional value and a high digestibility thanks to reduced conservation and food processing.

Almo Nature advises alternating between HFC wet and dry food and serving them in several separate meals.

It is recommended to alternate between a variety of meat and fish recipes on a regular basis.