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Almo Nature Daily Wet Cat Tin Grain Free Mousse With Rabbit

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Almo Nature Daily Grain Free Wet Cat Food come in a range of highly-digestible and completely mouthwatering meat and fish varieties.

This juicy complete food includes high-quality ingredients which have been prepared in their own stock in order to retain their natural flavour and beneficial nutrients.

This ensures that your cat receives all of the vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals needed to remain happy and fit.

The Almo Nature Daily Menu recipe is also free from chemical additives such as colours and preservatives.

Thanks to the high moisture content of this food, your cat is encouraged to take on sufficient fluids to remain healthful.

The practical Almo Nature Daily Menu Pouches make it easy and hygienic to portion out the food for your cat, as well as preserving maximum freshness and flavour.

This complete balanced food is the ideal way to give your cat its daily requirement of nutrients in a delicious recipe.