Advantage 400 Spot On Flea Control - Extra Large Dogs 25-40kg (4 Pipettes)

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  • Kills fleas in 24 hrs: Rapid action for immediate relief.
  • 28-day protection: Long-lasting defense against reinfestation.
  • Vet recommended: Trusted by professionals for your pet's well-being.

Say goodbye to unwelcome fleas and ticks with Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment 400. We understand that nobody wants these pesky critters befriending their beloved pets. Once these unwanted guests invade, they can linger for months, continuously biting your pet and even spreading to your home, causing irritation to both you and your family.

Did you know? Getting rid of a flea infestation can be a lengthy and costly process. That's because only 5% of adult fleas reside on your pet, while the other 95% lurk in your home as eggs, larvae, and pupae. It's essential to prevent fleas from taking hold in the first place, and that's where Advantage comes to the rescue.

Advantage Spot-On Flea Treatment acts swiftly, eliminating fleas within 24 hours and providing up to 28 days of continuous protection against these persistent parasites. With a fuss-free application using our simple pipette, you can easily administer Advantage to your pet, ensuring clinically proven protection that surpasses the defenses of those stubborn fleas.

Choose the path of ease and efficacy with Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment. Apply it today and repeat every 4 weeks for ongoing peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Effortless application of spot-on treatment
  • Rapid elimination of fleas within 24 hours
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 28 days
  • Targets and eradicates flea larvae in your home, wherever your treated pet goes
  • Veterinarian recommended

Keep your dog flea-free with the best line of defense—Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment 400. Don't let these common parasites disrupt your furry friend's comfort. Act now and shield them from the potential consequences of flea infestations, such as dermatitis, anemia, and even tapeworm infections. Remember, fleas are indiscriminate biters, targeting any household creature, including humans.

Choose Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment 400 and empower your pet with lasting protection against these troublesome pests.


  • Advantage 40 Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits weighing 1 to 4 Kg
  • Advantage 80 Cats, and Rabbits weighing 4 Kg and over
  • Advantage 100 Dogs weighing 4 to 10 Kg
  • Advantage 250 Dogs weighing 10 to 25 Kg
  • Advantage 400 Dogs weighing 25 Kg and over

Please note that due to regulatory law and the legal category of this medicine, returns will not be accepted.

  1. Ensure your pet is dry before application.
  2. Part the fur at the base of the skull to expose the skin.
  3. Place the tip of the pipette onto the skin and squeeze firmly.
  4. Apply the entire contents directly onto the skin.
  5. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.
  6. Allow the application site to dry naturally.
  7. Repeat every 4 weeks for continuous protection.

Note: Read the package insert for detailed instructions and precautions.