ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Dog Collar

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  • Trusted by vets to reduce stress and support training
  • Comforting effect on puppies and adult dogs
  • Great for travel

The ADAPTIL calm on-the-go dog collar is designed to closely reproduce the natural pheromones which lactating females produce to suckle their young. Just after birth, the female generates pheromones that bond with their puppies and helps calm them down. The ADAPTIL calm on-the-go dog collar when worn on the dog's body replicates the same effect by releasing synthetic pheromones. A single collar will last for up to 4 weeks once opened. To be effective the collar should be held firmly against the skin. It is therefore important to fit the right size;

Puppy / Small Dogs Neck size up to 45cm

Medium / Large Dogs Neck size up to 70cm