Calming & Stress

Calming & Stress

Petwell supplies various products that can be used to help keep your cat calm and feeling less stressed. Cats can experience stress for a variety of reasons including fireworks and thunderstorms, travelling to the vets and new arrivals. Products come in various forms such as sprays and diffusers (eg Feliway), calming spot on and drops which you add to your cat's food or water. These products help to prevent unwanted behaviour such as separation anxiety, excessive meowing, destructive behaviour & inappropriate marking.

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Cats are lovely pets, and having one around can certainly brighten your day. However, as much as you love your cat, when they are constantly acting anxious and stressed out, things can get troublesome. Cats aren’t that different from humans when it comes to experiencing anxiety and stress and whether your cat has had a stress-prone personality from the start and now the symptoms are more severe, or you have only recently noticed their unusual behaviour, the entire scenario can be quite upsetting. Your cat’s current bad behaviour is only showing you that you need to do something about the situation.

Causes of pet stress and anxiety

You may be wondering what has exactly triggered this sort of problem, what was the underlying cause of your cat’s anxiety and can be caused by some of the following factors which are linked to feline anxiety

· New homes

· Multi pet households

· New baby

· Separation

· Loud noises (such as fireworks, children etc)

· Travel

· Vets visits

How to spot stress and anxiety in cats

Noticing unusual, stressed behaviour in cats isn’t complicated, especially if your pet has always had a rather calm and normal behaviour. You might notice them facing trembling and shaking scenarios. Over grooming is also something that cats tend to do when they are feeling stressed, which might lead to bald spots or cracked skin. Things can become even more worrying if you don’t start seeking the right cat calming solutions. Your cat might become aggressive towards you, other people or animals. They might no longer use their litter box, suffer from diarrhoea, constipation or inappropriate soiling could happen, not to mention repetitive vocalisations and increased “clinginess”. If you have spotted any of these symptoms, it’s clear that your cat is going through an anxiety episode and you should help them by learning how to treat the issue and prevent its reoccurrence.

How to treat & prevent cat anxiety

Start by assessing your cat’s living situation and environment and make sure you have ruled out any potential stressor. If you are aware of the exact cause of the problem, it will be easier for you to treat it successfully. When possible, it’s recommended to eliminate the root of the problem entirely. Make sure your cat has a safe space to retreat, their litter box is always clean, their health is in check, they have easy access to food, water and litter tray, and overall create an optimal pet environment. It’s also highly recommended to use Feliway for cats and Feliway Friends for cats (used for multi cat households), which are plug-in diffusers that release natural pheromones in your home which have a calming, soothing effect, treating anxiety and stress rapidly and effectively and also ensuring proper prevention in the future. Besides a Feliway diffuser, you can also get a cat calming spray such as Feliway Spray, to treat cat anxiety even better and more rapidly and is useful for travel. Considering your cat is part of the family, knowing they are happy is probably a highly important aspect for you, so adopt the right approach here, stressed cat will become a happy and relaxed cat.

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