Cats are known to be very good at self-maintenance. Busy pet lovers who wish to fill their house with the joy of having a pet, prefer cats as owning one is a fairly low maintenance endeavour. Yet, even those fastidious felines cannot prevent developing some of the most common cat diseases and health issues. Like all pets, they are susceptible to certain health problems and need your support to stay at their best health. The most common health conditions include cat fleas and ticks, worming, kidney disease in cats, pancreatitis in cats and urinary problems. The first step to helping your furry friend is to recognize any sign that might show a health condition.

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Common cat health conditions

Cat Fleas & Ticks

Cat fleas can be a big problem for pets. They are not necessarily a life-threatening condition but can create a variety of health issues. The most common signs of fleas include persistent scratching, patches of hair loss and flea excretions. Efficient flea treatment for cats can help protect your feline from cat fleas in no time using a cat flea treatment such as Frontline Plus for cats.

Cat Worms

Worms in cats is a health condition which rarely shows outward signs or symptoms. However, when symptoms appear, they often include respiratory problems, vomiting, and bouts of

coughing. Cat worming tablets and spot on worming treatments are always the best way to prevent warms in your furry friend.

Cat Calming & Stress

Even our elegant felines can experience stress and anxiety. Stress in cats can appear as an indicator that your cat may have a health issue or may be linked to environmental changes. Behavioural changes are the best way to determine if your cat is experiencing feelings of unease and stress. Cat calming treatments such as a Feliway diffuser plugin have been proven to have a positive effect on all felines by helping to reduce their stress as well as specific cat calming food

Cat Renal

Unfortunately, kidney problems are very common in cats. They can lead to fatal health problems. Therefore, immediate treatment for renal failure in cats is crucial. Kidney disease may appear for various reasons including exposure to toxins, kidney stones and persistent infections. Signs such as a general decrease in appetite, vomiting, and lethargy can suggest kidney disease in cats. Petwell supplies cat renal health supplements as well as specialist cat renal food.

Cat Dental

Bad breath or changes in the way your cat chews may determine some dental issues. Prevention is the best way to deal with dental problems in cats. Cat teeth cleaning products such as a cat toothbrush are essential to provide your pet with good dental care as well as specialist cat dental health food

Cat Urinary

Cystitis in cats can be a life-threatening condition for your pet. It can be extremely painful for your elegant feline to deal with urinary problems. Pay attention to symptoms such as blood in the urine, not using the litter box or straining without producing urine. Urinary cat food may also help you prevent or treat possible urinary problems of your cat as cat urinary supplements such as Yurelieve Advance for cats

Cat Joint & Mobility care

Joint problems are relatively common in cats, especially when they get older. Those problems can both remain less serious or develop into serious arthritis problems. As the cartilage breaks down, your feline may experience stiffness and great pain. Therefore, help your feline companion with joint supplements for cats such as Seraquin & Logic Easeflex for cats, as well as specialist joint & mobility cat food to ensure they remain at good health.

Cat Hairballs

Cats regularly groom themselves and due to the rough hook-like features of their tongue, they tend to swallow a lot of the loose fur. Most of the fur will pass through the cats digestive system, however it is very common for fur to stay in the stomach causing your cat to vomit up a cat hairball (also known as a cat furball) There are various cat hairball pastes, chews and cat hairball food available to help remove existing hairballs and prevent new hairballs forming.

Cat Digestion & Stomach

The cat digestive system can be prone to digestive tract disorders which are usually caused by parasites and bacteria. The most common disorders are diarrhoea, constipation and vomiting. Petwell stocks various pastes to help with cat diarrhoea as well as cat food for constipation

Cat Pancreatic

Pancreatitis in cats caused by the inflammation of the pancreas and is a lot more common than previously thought. Petwell offers pancreatic supplements such as Lypex or Panzym which help to control the balance of enzymes and hormones which help regulate your cats’ insulin and digestion.

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