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Looking After Your Pet in the Colder Months

Looking After Your Pet in the Colder Months

At this time of year, we all start to feel the cold and it’s important to keep our pets warm.

Pets in hutches

Rabbits and Guinea pigs who live outside in hutches must have extra bedding and be covered over to prevent draughts which can easily kill them.

Stiff joints and arthritis

I know as I get older I feel the cold more in my joints, and it’s no different for our pets. In my West London practice, we spend a lot of time in winter ensuring our elderly patients have the correct pain management to deal with stiff and painful joints. Sometimes, simple steps like getting your pet a coat and a warm soft bed can also help.
Most owners notice if their dog is experiencing pain, lameness or is reluctant to go out for a walk but this is not the case with cats and rabbits. It is estimated that nearly 100% of elderly cats have arthritis but generally; vets often notice this during a routine check such as the annual vaccine rather than the client bringing the cat in for a consultation.
Pain management for arthritis is varied and tailored to your pet. Treatments include NSAIDS, tramadol and gabapentin as pain killers, dietary supplements, acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Getting your pet a regular check-up

It’s a really good idea to get any pet checked once a year by a vet even if you don’t think there is a problem. Think of this like seeing your GP once every seven years or taking your car for an MOT. This can often save you money as vets will often pick up disease early, usually making it a lot cheaper to treat.

Keep warm! 

Emma the Vet

Notting Hill & Barons Court Vet