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Does my cat really love me?

Does my cat really love me?

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent in comparison to their waggy-tailed canine cousins. Believe it or not, you probably are your cat’s favourite human, it’s just that cats tend to have subtle and sophisticated ways of showing their affection. Read on for the top ten signs that your cat really loves you.

  1. Your cat is your shadow

If you’ve ever noticed that there is a kitty presence wherever you go, it’s a sure sign that your cat loves to hang out with you. Maybe you leave the bathroom door ajar when you take a shower and your fluff-ball feline slinks in unnoticed. Or you are trying to catch up on some work emails and your feline assistant appears to ‘help’ with the typing. Whether they choose to stay close to you, or watch from afar, you can be confident that your kitty loves to be with you - if they try to tell you otherwise, they are bluffing.

  1. Your cat sleeps near you

If your four-legged friend likes nothing better than to snuggle up on your lap for a snooze, you can be sure that they feel super safe and happy in your company. Cats are at their most vulnerable when they are asleep, so this is a sign that they have the ultimate trust in you.

  1. Your cat gazes at you

Being on the receiving end of a kitty stare may make you wonder what your cat is thinking. Plotting a feline takeover or your demise? Well, the answer is quite the reverse. Cats will only make direct eye contact with people that they like and trust. If their gaze is accompanied by a slow eye blink, you’ve really made it in your feline’s affections – this is the kitty equivalent of a kiss. Why not show that feelings are mutual by offering your cat a slow blink in return?

  1. Your cat loves to head butt

If your cat likes to rub their face against you or give you a friendly head-butt, chances are they are using their facial scent glands to mark you with their own unique odour. Head-butting may not be the done thing in the human world but in feline circles it is a sign of affection. You may notice that after a good head butt, your cat often goes off for a groom to check out your scent.

  1. Your cat rubs against you

When your cat weaves in between your legs, it can be easy to misinterpret this as a feline food request, but they are probably just saying ‘hello’ in their unique kitty way. In a similar manner to head-butting, your cat is marking you with scent from glands in their face, body and tail. Reciprocate this greeting with some fuss and affection to help strengthen the loving bond you share.

  1. Your cat purrs in your presence

Purring can signal a range of emotions in cats but more often than not, it is a sign of contentment. If your cat is a purr-machine whenever you are around, chances are you rate pretty highly in their estimations.

  1. Your cat exposes their belly

Lying on their back and exposing their tummy puts your cat at their most vulnerable, so they will only do this in the presence of someone they feel completely at ease with. It may be tempting to give that fluffy belly a tickle but watch out for those kitty claws!

  1. Your cat kneads you

If your cat likes nothing better than to knead you with their paws, you know you are truly one of the family. Kneading their mum’s belly helped to stimulate milk flow in their kitten days. Most cats grow out of this behaviour but some continue well into adulthood. Kneading is a sign that your kitty feels safe and secure and is a sign of feline affection. Use a blanket to shield you from needle-sharp claws if need be!

  1. Your cat ‘talks’ to you

Much like us humans, cats only tend to ‘talk’ to people that they like. Whilst kittens miaow to get their mother’s attention, adult cats rarely use their miaow when interacting with other felines, reserving it largely for communication with their owners.  If you find yourself chatting in response to your cat’s miaow and even having a ‘conversation’ with your fluffy friend, it’s probably a sign that the two of your share a pretty close bond.

  1. Your cat brings you ‘gifts’

Cats are natural predators, and that instinct is never far away. You may wish that your cat did not bring you their hunting trophies, but they are only trying to help a family member who doesn’t seem able to catch lunch themselves. Just remember it’s the thought that counts!
So, keep a close eye on your cat’s body language and you will soon realise how much your cat really loves you. Why not check out the great range of cat accessories for the fab feline in your life? Cat Accessories | Accessories for Cats | Petwell