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Taking Care of Your Pets Eyes and Ears

Taking Care of Your Pets Eyes and Ears

We regularly deal with ear and eye problems at our veterinary surgeries in Notting Hill and Barons Court for all species of pet. Here are some common problems pets have with their eyes and ears to look for.
Did you know the eye is the only part of the body with a direct connection to the brain and central nervous system? That’s why an eye infection can be very serious indeed.

Eye scratches and corneal ulcers
We see lots of French Bulldogs and Pugs in the surgery with scratches on their eyes leading to corneal ulcers. We treat it with antibiotics and corneal repair gels.

Rabbits Eyes
Eye problems in rabbits can be a sign of dental disease and should always receive veterinary care as soon as possible. Dental decay is improved by reviewing and improving the rabbit’s diet and with dental treatment.

Summer Ear Problems
Both dogs and cats can get infections in their ears and problems are very common during the warmer seasons. We regularly take grass seeds out of dogs' ears (and paws).

Ear Mites
Ear mites are common in puppies and kittens and in some cases continue into later life if not treated properly. If you notice your pet has itchy ears go and see your vet to discuss the best course of treatment. Also if you notice a loss of balance in your pet this is sometimes a sign of middle ear problems.

Tackling Ear Problems Early On
Ear infections can easily become serious and penetrate into the middle ear so the sooner you seek treatment the better as this can be fatal.

If you spot any problem with the eyes or ears of your pet always call your vet for advice.
Enjoy your pets.

Emma the Vet

Notting Hill & Barons Court Vet