Dog Treats

Dog love treats! If you want to bond with your canine friend and keep them happy, buying dog treats is a perfect choice. Dog training experts also recommend using dog treats such as bones, biscuits, chews and rawhide when interacting with your dog to help with behavioural training.

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Dog Bones

Dog bones are one of the most popular ways of giving a delicious treat to your pet. They have a common shape that all dogs love, so it won’t be difficult to include them into your dog’s diet. Try Nylabone which comes in various flavours or the popular Pedigree Jumbone which comes in a variety of flavours.

Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are among a dogs favourite treats. Their crunchiness and great taste will make your four-legged friend obediently wait for their next treat. These super tasty titbits should always feature in your dog treat stash. Bonio dog biscuits or Pedigree Gravy Bones make a great choice.

Dog Dental Treats

A dog treat that’s also good for your dog’s dental health is definitely a must have. Dog dental chews are also a great way to help reduce that dog bad breath. Pedigree Dentastix or Whimzees are a popular choice when considering dog dental health treats, but you should also consider a dog breath freshener such as Mark & Chappell Breath & Dental Care Treats

Dog Chews

Nothing keeps a dog more entertained than dog chews. They are tasty and fun to eat, so there’s no wonder why all dogs love them. Try Good Boy treats and surprise your fluffy friend every now and then.

Dog Natural Treats

Many dog owners want to stay away from treats that contain chemical compounds because of how sensitive their pets are. Luckily, there is a solution to that – natural dog treats. If you’d like to buy healthy dog treats, try brands such as Antos, Pooch & Mutt, or Pet Munchies. Grain free dog treats are also a suitable choice for delicate tummies. Antlers for dogs are another way to keep your dog healthy and happy naturally.

Soft dog treats

Are you facing trouble whenever you have to administer tablets or pills to your dog? Well, let’s put an end to that. Soft dog treats will make your job much easier and the situation more pleasant for your pet. You can administer medicine by hiding it in the soft dog treats. Moreover, you can also apply a soft paste flavoured paste to their rubber toys.

Rawhide Dog Treats

If your dog prefers rawhide chews over anything else, don’t hesitate to buy them. Rawhide bones are among the most popular treats for dogs. They are usually made of cow or horse hides and they contain all sorts of flavours. Pig ears for dogs make a great substitute for your leather shoes. Rawhide chews also keep your dog’s jaw stronger and his teeth cleaner.

Puppy Treats

Puppies love to chew. It’s their natural instinct and it occupies a great part of their day. Buying puppy treats is a necessity to keep your pet busy and healthy at the same time. Fortunately, most dog food brands create products especially for puppies and their specific needs. You can look for Nylabone puppy or Pedigree puppy treats which contain the exact composition that your dog needs in his first years.

Dog Training Treats

Training and socialisation are two basic needs of dogs that can’t be overlooked. Dog training treats should help you in the process, as stated by many canine behaviourists. With puppy training treats, it’s easy to reward calm, submissive behaviour and teach your furry companion what’s wrong or right. The treats from Coachies are a favourite among dog owners. Give them a try and see how reward-based training goes.

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