You are your dog’s caretaker and you certainly want the best for them. Feeding your furry friend a complete and balanced dog food is one of the most vital components for good health. But you may wonder what is the best dog food you should feed your canine with. It should meet their nutritional needs, be appropriate for their life stage and weight and should definitely also taste delicious. Popular everyday dog food brands include Pedigree, Iams, Chappie, and Cesar

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What is Everyday dog food?

The best dog food for your canine should be the one that entirely meets their nutritional needs. Most commercial dog food brands are specially formulated to meet the least minimum nutritional requirements. However, it is important to keep in mind that some dogs may have different nutritional needs. Everyday dog food is the one which can be suitable for almost all types of dogs and life stages.

Food types and differences

Most people feed their dogs with processed dry or wet food. Although they may seem extremely unappealing to us, they contain all the necessary nutrients our four-legged friends need to stay healthy. There are two main types of dog food:

Dry – kibble

Dry dog food is the most economical type of commercial dog food. It may be regarded as a cheap dog food but it has several benefits including the fact that it lasts for a long time and does not need to be refrigerated. It is beneficial for keeping your canine’s teeth healthy as chewing crunchy dry food reduces tartar buildup.


Most dogs absolutely love wet or canned food. It may be a little bit more expensive than dry food, but if you choose high-quality products, it will be worth the expense. Wet dog food is the perfect choice for puppies or senior dogs who may have developed some dental problems as it's jelly texture makes it extremely easy to chew.

The most important factor in choosing the food for your four-legged friend should be finding the food that meets their nutritional needs. Apart from that, there is also a variety of flavours you can choose from. The best dog food usually comes in various flavours such as chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, and beef. Even the fussiest eaters will be delighted with so many choices of flavours and texture. Also, you can save money by buying dog food in larger bags and packs sizes.

Best wet and dry dog food

Picking a great kibble or wet food for your four-legged friend can seem daunting. Popular and recommended brands include Iams dog food, Pedigree dog food, Chappie dog food, Ceaser dog food, Bakers dog food, Winalot dog food, Wagg and Butchers dog food, which offer nutrient content and adequacy for our furry friends.

Dogs require a wide range of nutrients in different quantities over the course of their lives. The nutritional needs can differ from an adult dog to a puppy. Remember that based on your dog unique needs, you have to pick the food that will provide all the nutrients in sufficient amounts.

Everyday alternative dog foods

In addition to everyday dog foods, Petwell also offers a large range of higher quality and specialist dog food brands such as Hill’s, Royal Canin & James Wellbeloved and cover a range of categories such as:

· Health condition dog food

· Breed Health Nutrition dog food

· Natural dog food

· Grain free dog food

· Weight control dog food

· Veterinary dog food

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