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Buy your dog food online and make mealtime extra special for your dog with Petwell. We stock a wide range of wet dog food - which has a high water content and is therefore good for your dog’s urinary tract and kidney function and dry dog food – which can help with tartar control and aids in fullness - from a variety of trusted brands such as Hill's, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Harringtons, Specific Vet Diet, Burns, Arden Grange, Eukanuba.

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There are hundreds of different brands and types of foods available for your dog so it can be incredibly confusing. Together with our dog food guide which will help you decipher the buzz words, as well as the other advice on our website, we can help you find the right dog food for your best friend.

Domestic dogs gradually developed from wolves as a result of selective breeding over the millennia, but they retain their sharp pointed teeth typical of the carnivores. Their diet, however, has adapted to survive on meat and non-meat scraps as a result of their domestication. This means that dogs are omnivores, so they are able to lead happy and healthy lives with a mixture of food consisting of meats, vegetable and grains.

When you choose food for your dog you should not only consider giving them a varied diet you should also consider their age, temperament, activity level and any health conditions they might have and adapt their diet accordingly. For example, puppies require more calcium than an adult dog, while elderly dogs require fewer calories so we stock a selection of foods that are suitable for your pet’s various life stages from puppy food to senior dog food.

We stock all types of dog food online – from cheap dog food to the best dog food for all ages - and in various forms; tinned – also known as the best wet dog food including wet puppy food - and the best dry dog food and food that supports your dog’s health conditions like weight control such as Royal Canin Satiety, sensitive stomach dog food, grain free dog food and dog food allergies including Hypoallergenic Dog Food – food free from the common allergens beef, lamb, seafood, corn, soy, dairy products and wheat gluten – the most common ingredients in pet foods - and instead contain less commonly used sources of protein and carbohydrate (such as duck or turkey and rice and barley respectively)

Plus, specialist dog nutrition for working dogs such as Skinners and for top dog breeds such as Cocker-Spaniel, Golden Retriever, French Bull Dog, Yorkshire terrier, Pug, Bulldog, Poodle to ensure your dog remains fit and healthy for as long as possible;

However, we also know our pooches need treating occasionally too, so here at Petwell we also stock various types of dog treats from brands such as - Dentastix, Whimzees, Pet Munchies including dog chews, healthy dog treats, natural dog treats, and rawhide chews.

Whatever your dog nutrition requirements you can trust Petwell to provide you with the right food for your dog! Buy dog food online and have it delivered directly to your door – remember all pet food is counted towards free shipping when spending over £29. Check out our latest offers to save on your next pet food online order.

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