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Cat Flea Treatment - Fleas, Ticks & Mites

Petwell provides your cat with complete protection from fleas & ticks with effective cat flea treatment and tick treatment products. There are various cat flea treatments available for flea and tick control, these include flea collars, shampoos, dips, combs and even chemical-free sprays. Spot on flea treatments are the most effective and popular brands include Frontline Spot On, Frontline Plus, Advantage & Effipro. Tick Twisters and flea combs remove fleas & ticks directly from your cat. Protect your cat from fleas and ticks all year round with Petwell.

Don't forget to also treat your home with a household flea spray such as Indorex or Homegard. 95% of fleas are actually found in the home rather than on the pet.

Protect your cat from fleas and ticks all year round with Petwell.

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What Is the Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

Cat fleas are tiny insects that are barely visible to the human eye and feed on the blood of warm-blooded hosts They thrive in warm conditions, as it allows them to multiply via the laying of eggs, which could be as much as 50 per day. In fact, 95% of cat fleas live in your home and jump onto your cat only to feed You’ll find cat fleas lurking in carpets and soft furnishings, so is highly recommend to use a household flea spray every 12 months as well as washing any cat bedding and vacuuming daily. Cat fleas cause discomfort to cats and kittens which include severe scratching and biting, as well as causing reactions in the form of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD.) Cat flea bites can also pass on tapeworms in cats, so it’s best to be proactive and use a cat flea treatment or flea treatment for kittens regularly as once you see a flea, it may be too late and a flea infestation has begun!

Frontline Spot On and Frontline Plus offer flea care for cats which help eliminate the presence of fleas and ticks quickly. The treatment comes in the form of a flea drop for cats (also known as Spot on) that is placed on an area that’s difficult for the cat to reach. This will start working within 24 hours and will protect your cat against fleas for up to 8 weeks, and ticks for up to 4 weeks. You should also consider the use of a flea spray for house, such as Frontline Homegard or Indorex that are designed to prevent flea eggs hatching and larvae being present in the home. Advantage for cats is another brand that’s trusted among the pet community and other treatments include cat flea tablets and cat flea collar such as Seresto cat collar

Check out the Petwell ultimate flea guide for more info on how to protect your cat and home from fleas

Tick treatment for cats

Ticks are small reddish brown arachnids, found outdoors in long grass and woodland areas waiting for a host to attach to a feed on blood. As well as the discomfort ticks on cats can cause, there are also other dangers, such as the passing on of diseases like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis which can be fatal. You should check your cat regularly for ticks –but it’s best to ensure your cat is protected against ticks by using a monthly spot-on treatment such as Frontline for cats which protects against fleas and ticks or a Seresto cat collar which can help kills ticks within 24 hours and last for up to 8 months.

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