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National Trust Squirrel Food 1.5ltr

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In the heart of your garden, a world of lively acrobatics unfolds as squirrels dart and dash, their nimble paws reaching for sustenance. The National Trust Squirrel Food is a blend carefully concocted to support these energetic creatures, ensuring a diet as varied and balanced as their spirited antics.

A Feast Fit for Squirrels:

Imagine a mix designed exclusively for squirrels – a blend that caters to their unique dietary needs. The National Trust Squirrel Food is a symphony of flavors and nutrients, a celebration of the forest's treasures. With every bite, they savor a medley of nourishment, carefully crafted to fuel their boundless energy.

Dedicated Feeders:

As you set up dedicated feeders for these playful foragers, you're not just offering food; you're creating a haven where squirrels can dine in peace. The feeder becomes a theater of antics, a space where squirrels gather without rivalry, a sanctuary that echoes with the joy of nourishment.

A Gift of Nature:

This new bag size, a collaboration between the National Trust and nature lovers like you, is more than just food – it's a gift. The bag, adorned with the emblem of the National Trust, is a token of your commitment to nature's delicate balance. It's a gesture that speaks volumes, a tribute to the wild inhabitants of your garden.

Conservation with Every Purchase:

When you choose from the National Trust Garden Wildlife Range, you're not just feeding squirrels – you're contributing to a greater cause. With each purchase, you're supporting the National Trust's endeavors to protect historic sites, preserve countryside, and safeguard wildlife. It's a cycle of giving, where the vitality of your garden echoes far beyond its borders.

A Symphony of Sustainability:

The items in the National Trust Garden Wildlife Range are more than products – they're a testament to sustainability. Crafted with quality materials and thoughtful design, they stand as beacons of responsible stewardship. With each feeder and each bag of squirrel food, you're weaving a tapestry of conservation, ensuring a legacy of thriving nature for generations to come.