Just like any other pet, dogs deal with various health conditions and knowing how to spot the issue and treat it accordingly will prevent further complications from arising. Even a well-cared for dog can sometimes get sick and there are a wide variety of conditions that your four legged friend could develop in some situations. From getting fleas & ticks, dog worms, digestion and joint issues, you need to be aware of the various ailments dogs are usually confronted with.
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It’s a known fact that no two dogs are alike and some breeds might be more prone to develop certain illnesses than others. However, there are some conditions that are frequently encountered in general and being informed will allow you to act rapidly and help prevent common health issues as well as caring for more severe problems.

Dog Fleas & Ticks

Most dogs will, unfortunately, experience dog fleas or ticks at least once, their warm fur being the optimal environment for these small parasites. Because they feed on the dog's blood, further complications such as allergic reactions or even tick-borne illnesses can appear such as Lyme disease. Here at Petwell, we recommend various flea treatments for dogs, the most popular being Frontline for dogs, as well as dog flea collars and flea sprays for the house.

Dog Worming

From diarrhoea and lack of energy to a swollen belly and unexplainable weight loss, worms in dogs come with a few easy to notice symptoms, however, it’s possible to prevent your dog from suffering treating them regularly with dog worming tablets such as Drontal for dogs or Veloxa, which are very easy to administer. Make sure to follow up with regular faecal checks at the vet, to be certain worms are no longer an issue.

Dog Stress & Anxiety

Dogs experience anxiety and stress just as much as humans. One of the most common types encountered is separation anxiety in dogs. There are many dog anxiety and stress symptoms including aggression, destructive behaviour and excessive shedding. Petwell recommends the use of dog calming products such as Adaptil for dogs – an efficient treatment product for all types of behavioural problems.

Dog Renal & Liver

Liver disease in dogs can be triggered by different factors, including ingestion of toxins or tainted food. If their appetite has decreased, they consume less water and you may notice a change in the volume of urine produced, you should take them for a vet check-up and start a treatment plan. If left unattended, kidney failure in dogs can occur – Petwell supplies dog renal & liver supplements and renal & liver dog food.

Dog Joint Care

Optimal joint care can ensure arthritis prevention and other issues that have to do with dog joint health. At Petwell you can find top quality joint supplements for dogs such as Yumove Dog or Seraquin being popular choices due to the effectiveness to increase joint mobility in dogs.

Dog Digestion and Stomach

A dog upset stomach isn’t that uncommon, considering most dogs tend to eat everything they find on the floor, so when you notice constant diarrhoea in dogs, you should consider switching to sensitive stomach dog food, at least for a while. Their digestion issues can be remediated this way but it’s also recommended to always keep a dog digestion & stomach supplement or paste such as Pro-Kolin, Canikur or Logic Firm to hand so you can use immediately.

Dog Dental Care

Lack of dog teeth cleaning is actually very harmful and is why dental issues can arise so frequently. Because it’s far better to prevent than to treat, it’s advised to use specially designed dog tooth brush and dog toothpaste. Petwell also stocks dog dental food to help your dog’s teeth to stay clean and healthy.

Dog Pancreatic

Symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs can often be similar to digestion issues and even worming, such as loss of appetite, vomiting and belly pain. This is why you need to visit the vet when these signs appear. Pancreatitis in dogs can be treated by a change in their diet, but supplements such as Lypex or Panzym are also recommended.

Dog Skin & Coat

Scratching and itching are the common indicators that your dog might be dealing with a skin problem. Flaky, inflamed and red skin could also be present and these signs are usually linked to dry skin on dogs. An itchy dog can, however, be easily helped with an easy dog skin treatment such as Yumega Itchy Dog or Virbac Episoothe.

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