Studies show that playing with dog toys is essential for your dog’s wellbeing. While it is fun for them to join you on a walk or run, the best dog toys will help them relieve stress and keep them mentally active. Starting with puppy toys when they are young such as a Kong puppy toy will help them learn new skills and build a bond. Your dog deserves the very best dog toys and if you’re worried that all of these dog toys might break the bank, don’t be! Petwell offers a huge variety from cheap dog toys to premium dog toys

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Dog Ball & Thrower Toys

It’s well known that most dogs love balls! Petwell offers a variety of different dog balls to suit all types of dog. Consider also using a dog ball launcher to assist throwing dog balls further and picking them up with little effort. A Kong ball or Chuckit ball are always a good choice to use with a dog ball launcher. Your four-legged friend will also love the Kong tennis ball for dogs and the Kong Wubba because as they can really sink his teeth into them without them becoming damaged.

Dog Chew Toys

Why would your canine friend rather chew one of their dog chew toys when they could sit next to you on the sofa and receive some tummy rubs? A dog’s obsession with chewing starts from when they are puppies. A puppy will experience teething and chewing on puppy teething toys will help relieve some of the pain or discomfort. The act of chewing helps older dogs to keep their jaws strong and teeth cleaned as well as helping relieve stress, anxiety and preventing boredom. Petwell offers indestructible dog toys Nylabone which will satisfy your dog’s chewing needs.

Dog Dental Toys

All dogs require dental care which is highly recommended to prevent serious oral diseases. You can make the oral care a fun activity if you incorporate a dog teeth cleaning toy into their playtime. For puppies, Petwell offers high-quality puppy teething toys such as a Nylabone puppy toy that targets different areas of their mouth. Try not to bother your dog when they play with dog dental toys as the more they chew the more tartar and plaque are scraped away.

Dog Frisbee & Flyers

Your four-legged friend doesn’t use the dog Frisbee only because he finds it an interesting flying toy, but also because they love to get involved in sports activities with you. Playing with your dog will help you be more active and improve your bond. A Kong Frisbee Flyer is a popular choice and comes in a range of sizes to suit all dogs.

Dog Interactive, Games & Puzzles

Your pooches love dog games, puppy games and interactive dog toys. Dog puzzle toys have an essential role in their life and some can also be used as training tools. Buy dog puzzles that teach your dog to use their sense of smell and brain when they want to gain a reward. Dog treat toys such as the Kong Wobbler can reduce boredom and prevent anxiety so it is important to introduce interactive dog toys to their daily routine.

Dog Rope & Tug Toys

Dogs love tug-of-war and using a dog rope toy to play with your dog can help you build a better relationship with your dog and the other family members as well helping to remove plaque and tartar build up. A dog ball on rope toy can provide an extra level of fun and excitement for your dog.

Dog Soft & Plush Toys

Does your pooch have a collection of stuffed animals? Plush dog toys are their babies, they carry them in their mouth to make sure they are safe. Some dogs are practising their parenting skills when they play with a soft dog toy, while others practice their hunting skills.

Dog Squeaky Toys

Why do dogs love a dog squeaky toy so much? It’s the noisiest toy but they don’t mind disrupting your quiet time with it. It’s thought that many dogs still possess a hunting instinct and a dog squeaky toy resembles small prey. Petwell offers a range of strong and durable dog squeaky toys such as a Kong Squeaker Ball

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